La maison La maison

The house

Our vineyards

We own 5,5 ha (13,6 acres) mostly Premier Cru located in the West side of the Montagne de Reims. The vineyards will be organic in 2022.

Le vignoble maison Le vignoble maison
  • Our vineyards are located in the following villages : Villedommange ; Pargny les Reims ; Jouy les Reims ; Coulommes la Montagne ; Vrigny.
  • Grapes : 60% Pinot Meunier, 30 % Pinot Noir, 10% Chardonnay.
  • Average vineyards age : 35 years

Tank storage

The House is equipped with 80 stainless steel vats, from 25hl to 250hl, appropriate to vinify separately every Cru or “lieu-dit” origin.

La cuverie La cuverie

We favour low temperature fermentation in order to obtain finesse in the wines : between 14°C et 16°C.
We prevent the malo-lactic fermentation to preserve the freshness and the minerality of the wines.”

Barrel cellar

Barrels ageing is used to make our wines to reach smoothness: 6 to 8 months of ageing among our 120 barrels.

Le chai Le chai
  • 8 pièces / 2,05hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / average age 20 years old
  • 40 pièces / 2,28hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / 2013
  • 15 pièces / 3,50 hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / 2015
  • 26 pièces / 3,50 hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / 2010 to 2015
  • 10 pièces / 3,50 hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / 2016 / Aquaflex soft heat
  • 10 pièces / 3,50 hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / 2017 / Aquaflex soft heat
  • 10 fûts / 5 hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / 2010 / medimum heat / Meursault origin
  • 4 demi muids / 6,15hl / Seguin Moreau / French oak / average age 20 years old)

The cave

Our champagnes age in traditional cellars : 1,5 km including a cellar that was dug during the XVIII century. It is thanks to a long period of ageing that our champagnes are aromatically intense.

La cave La cave
  • Our cellars measure 1,5km, split into 2 levels, -12 and – 18 meters below ground.
  • The wines dedicated to Extra Brut dosage are kept approximately 3 years
  • The wines dedicated to Brut Nature dosage, are kept approximately 5 years
  • We have a wine library of vintages dating back to 1973

The vineyards partenarships

Our grower partners share with us their knowledge about their terroir.
During the visit of their parcels, we observe the soil, the topography, and the viticulture. This work is essential to transmit the identities and mineral characteristics of every area in our Champagnes.


Thierry Lombard
Thierry Lombard Owner and chairman of the executive board
Thomas Lombard
Thomas Lombard CEO
Laurent Vaillant
Laurent Vaillant Cellars Master and Director of the vineyard
Véronique Avart
Véronique Avart Sales Coordinator
Sylvain Dufermon Export Manager
Isabelle Kroun Communication Officer
Thomas Briollet
Thomas Briolet Sales Manager France
Thomas Blondel
Thomas Blondel Maintenance Supervisor
Marie-France Diaz
Marie-France Diaz Finance Manager
David Mahu
David Mahu Disgorgement and labelling
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Pascale Louette Customs Management
Remplacement de portrait
Denis Malbranques Wine Store House Supervisor